What To Do About French Bulldog Tear Stains? | How To Remove

French Bulldog Tear Stains

Is your French Bulldog having a lot of issues with tear staining? Below, you’ll learn about why that is, when to worry, and how to treat French Bulldog tear stains properly so he can put his best face forward! French Bulldogs naturally have tear staining, which can appear red on Frenchies that have light-colored fur. While …

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The French Bulldog Tail (Explained) – All You Should Know

French Bulldog Tail

When you think of a French Bulldog, you often picture the snuffly nose on their squished-up face, the big, puppy-dog eyes, and the adorable snorts and snuffles that he makes as he’s playing with his toys of snoring in his doggy bed. However, often overlooked, yet very important to his doggy body is his tail. …

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Do French Bulldogs Shed? – How To Properly Deal With It

Do French Bulldogs Shed

When it comes to French Bulldog shedding, you’ll find them amongst the leaders when it comes to minimal shedding. That being said, there are some details that you should know when it comes to French Bulldogs’ shedding. Yes, a French Bulldog does shed all year, but they shed the most during spring and fall seasons. …

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