French Bulldog barking: Do French Bulldogs Bark A Lot?

French Bulldog barking

If you’re considering a Frenchie, you’re probably wondering if do French Bulldogs bark a lot and whether or not you will be able to live with a French Bulldog barking. In this post, we’ll discuss why do they bark, how much do they bark, and how to stop them from barking. Stay tuned! Although French …

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Do French Bulldogs Like to Cuddle? 7 Reasons To Cuddle

Do French Bulldogs Like to Cuddle

Do French Bulldogs love to snuggle with you on the couch, curl up in your lap for a quick nap or follow you around the house looking for some extra attention? Do they prefer to sleep alone and would never dream of getting too close to anyone but themselves? The answer is YES. Most French …

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What To Do About French Bulldog Tear Stains? | How To Remove

French Bulldog Tear Stains

Is your French Bulldog having a lot of issues with tear staining? Below, you’ll learn about why that is, when to worry, and how to treat French Bulldog tear stains properly so he can put his best face forward! French Bulldogs naturally have tear staining, which can appear red on Frenchies that have light-colored fur. While …

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French Bulldog Separation Anxiety (9 Tips to Deal With It)

French bulldog Separation Anxiety

Have you noticed your pup getting frantic when you leave or come home, even if you were gone for an hour? He could be dealing with a case of separation anxiety! Below, you’ll learn all you need to know about it. French Bulldogs are prone to separation anxiety, which can often take the form of …

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French Bulldog Sick Symptoms – What To Look For

French Bulldog Sick Symptoms

You love your Frenchie and would do anything for him, right? Part of taking care of him will include knowing when he is sick or otherwise not feeling too great. Here are the symptoms and possible issues that you may find! What Are Symptoms That My French Bulldog Is Sick? Common symptoms of a sick …

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Are French Bulldogs Better in Pairs? Hints to Avoid Mistakes

Are you considering adding a second loveable French Bulldog to your household?  If so, you aren’t alone and it’s a common place to be when you see just how much fun one Frenchie is!  Familiarize yourself with what you should know about timing in adding a second French Bulldog to your house as well as …

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Can French Bulldogs Give Birth Naturally? Whelping Process

If you’ve got a French Bulldog that is pregnant and seemingly ready to pop, you’ll want to learn everything about the actual birthing (aka whelping) process. Find everything you want to know about giving birth, labor signs and possible complications in French Bulldogs below.  Can French Bulldogs Give Birth Naturally? Yes, a French a Bulldog …

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How Big Does a French Bulldog Get? Guide to Frenchie Size

Pups are cute, especially if it’s a French Bulldog puppy with adorable bat ears and multiple skin folds. As they develop, though, you might be curious about how big they’re going to actually get. Take a look below at the different French Bulldog growth stages as well as the factors that go into the size of …

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Do French Bulldogs Smell? Dealing With French Bulldog Odors

It’s normal for your dogs to have a smell to them, which is why “it smells like dog” is a thing, but some breeds have more of a natural odor than others. French Bulldogs can be smelly dogs when compared to other dog breeds, but understanding what makes them smelly as well as how to …

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